March, 2011

3/28/11: Neighborhood Flea Market & Bake Sale Information and Signup

Time to sign up for the neighborhood flea market and to save a date for the Farmer’s Market bake sale.

The flea market will be Sat. June 4 from 9 to 3. If you’d like to participate by having a sale at your house, call or email Terri Clemens at or 828.8848. Five dollars will get your location on the maps and help pay for the group ad in the Pantagraph. On Saturday morning, Terri will walk the neighborhood and pass out maps and collect your $5.

The bake sale will be at the Farmer’s Market on July 2. Please let Terri know if you can bake. Guidelines can be provided if you’re not sure what the health dept. wants or how to price your things. Baked items need to be at Terri’s house the night before the bake sale, unless you plan to deliver them to the booth bright and early. Last year, we made over $500 and only had 8 bakers. This year, let’s try to spread the baking around a little more.

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