January, 2011

2/21/11: Minutes from January Meeting:

The January meeting of the Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association met at 606 E. Grove on Thursday Jan. 6. Twelve neighbors and Councilman Bernie Anderson were in attendance. Minutes were only recently posted, so approval was tabled until the next meeting. Treasurer Melanie Hunter reported a balance of $2,983.54.

President Brad Williams reported on a city work session concerning the vacant house ordinance, now called the neighborhood preservation ordinance. According to the city attorney, this ordinance would help the city with law enforcement. It would deal with only the most offensive of vacant houses. We have many in our neighborhood. We need to be pro-active in support of this ordinance. Our council members need to know how we feel about it.

Jerica Etheridge reported that sixteen blocks were lighted this year with luminaries, down six blocks from last year. Next year, we may consider having a party after the lighting of the luminaries to make it a more enjoyable event.

Karen Schmidt reported for the nomination committee that they have a partial slate and hope to post a complete slate for new officers by mid-February for a March meeting vote.

The winter traveling social hour will be hosted by Ken and Carol Kashian at 510 E. Grove and Mel Hunter and Stephanie Davidson at 603 E. Grove. It will be on Sat. Feb. 26, beginning at 5:30. It’s possible that another stop will be added. Look for information elsewhere on the website for details.

Brad reported that there have been four break-ins near the corner of Grove and Clayton in six months. This winter there has been a house break-in with a basement window broken, but nothing stolen, a car break-in at Olive and McLean, and a house break-in in the 100 block of S. Clayton. Brad attends a police focus group, where he learned that burglaries are up this season, but 14 arrests have been made. Keep an eye out for unusual activity in your neighborhood and call police even if you’re just suspicious.

The next meeting will be Thursday, Mar. 3 at 7 PM at 512 E. Taylor, hosted by Pam and Herb Eaton.

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