July, 2010

7/7/10: Minutes from July 1 Meeting

The July 1 meeting of Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association was held at the Marie Litta Park at 7 PM. President Brad Williams called the meeting to order. Minutes were approved. Eight neighbors were in attendance. There was no treasurer’s report.

The neighborhood flea market had more sales than we’ve had for a few years. Fourteen neighbors signed up, but two did not open because of rain. The early rain cleared up and sales recovered well. Ad and printing costs were $12 more than the $5 fees brought in.

Our new fund-raiser, a bake sale at the Farmer’s Market, will be on July 31. Terri Clemens and Brenda Steele are the committee for this event. Guidelines are on the website for pricing and suggestions. Items should be labeled for nuts, no gluten, no sugar, etc. and priced. If pricing is a problem for bakers, they can be delivered to 606 E. Grove the day before unpriced. We will be setting up at 6:30 at the free non-profit space at the Farmer’s Market. We need bakers. This is an opportunity for those who have benefited from the association to contribute. Dawn and Diana will help at the sale. Please contact Terri at oldstuff33@hotmail.com if you can bake or help.

We need hosts for the summer traveling social hour. The first volunteer can choose a date. Please contact Jerica to volunteer atjetheridge@edmc.edu.

It is time to start planning our next Day in Historic Dimmitt’s Grove. We need volunteers for a committee to begin planning. Please contact Jerica at jetheridge@edmc.edu.

Some fireworks problems are bothering neighborhood dogs and ears. Karen Schmidt is providing city ordinance information on the website.

Karen Schmidt planted the Adopt-a-Pot planter for DGNA on Front and Prairie Streets.

The next meeting Sept. 2, will be at Marie Litta Park unless it rains, then it will be at the library.

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